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Leica ASP 300

The Leica ASP300 Tissue Processor is a top-of-the-line, fully enclosed tissue processor designed for routine and research histopathology. The Leica ASP300 Tissue Processor is capable of processing up to 300 cassette-embedded samples and features many integrated systems.


User operations are simplified to reduce operator involvement and the risk of making mistakes. Proven technology combined with top quality components and Leica’s RemoteCare™ diagnostic (optional) provide superior instrument reliability.


Leica’s new “RemoteCare” is a built-in software program that helps prevent specimen loss. The Leica ASP300 Tissue Processor has straightforward routine user operations by an intuitive user interface, color touch screen and a variety of “smart” features, such as Reagent Management System (ensures consistent high sample quality with optimized, economic reagent use), and quick start for commonly used programs, improve specimen quality and laboratory economy.

• Easy-to-learn and -use operator interface with a solvent-resistant color touch-screen
• Simplified software with multiple programming functionality
• Graphical process representation on color touch-screen
• Context-sensitive online help.
• Lab-specific help (e.g. SOP) may be installed
• Multiple safety system
• Innovative reagent compatibility monitor
• Instrument performance control (QC)
• Remote fill and drain system
• Enhanced Reagent Management System
• 4 pressure vacuum options (P/V, P, V, ambient)
• 4 user-defined cleaning programs
• Active paraffin cleaning program
• 2-level password security
• Comprehensive documentation options


Dimensions: 23′ width X 25′ length X 52′ height
Weight: 320 lbs

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