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Leica RM2025

The Leica RM 2125 microtome features a micrometer feed system with a backlash and maintenance-free vertical cross-roller guide as well as a horizontal specimen feed via a precision cylinder guide system.


The hand wheel can be locked in any position via a brake lever attached to the base plate. The Leica RM 2125 microtome can also be lockable in the upper position via the hand wheel grip. The handwheel grip is also redesigned from previous models for optimal comfort. Section thickness ranges from 0.5 to 60 microns.

Features also include a slot cover that prevents debris from entering the micrometer feeding system and a storage space on top of the instrument that provides room for sectioning tools and accessories.


Dimensions: 17′ width X 19′ length X 10′ height
Weight: 60 lbs

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