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Thermo ClearVue Coverslipper

The Thermo ClearVue coverslipper is the ultimate in simplicity and walk-away operation. You simply place a basket of slides on to the load rail, close the door, and the ClearVue does the rest.


This coverslipper has a very wide range of compatibility with many different stainers including the Thermo-Shandon Varistains, the Sakura DRS2000, and the Leica XL Autostainer. The ClearVue is a high capacity instrument which can handle up to 11 slide baskets at the same time, and it has a load-on-demand capability as well.

Operation programming is through an intuitive user interface with a touch screen display panel. Fumes are well controlled with down-draft ventilation during loading/unloading, and the charcoal filter traps all vapors. The Thermo ClearVue coverslipper is an excellent choice for boosting speed and accuracy in a busy lab.

Dimensions: 28′ width X 22′ length X 21′ height
Weight: 230 lbs

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