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Thermo Finesse ME

The Thermo Shandon Finesse ME Microtome allows the user to have complete control over the cutting action, including speed and retraction options. The user may also select manual cutting.


An ergonomic design enhances operator comfort with curved arm rests; precision response, free-running, balanced flywheel; operational from front or side positions; and an autoload command. The Thermo Shandon Finesse ME Microtome provides simple commands for complete control. Choose set-ups for standard wax or resin sectioning.

The monitor displays a full range of functions including cutting speed, section counter, section thickness, and advance distance. You can instantly switch between the trim and section settings. An autoload option automatically resets specimen head to a ready position for quickly changing blocks on high-throughput tasks. A standby key allows the unit to go into “sleep” mode which saves the customized commands in the memory.


Dimensions: 17′ width X 19′ length X 10′ height
Weight: 80 lbs

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