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Thermo Scientific Cryotome FSE

  • Industry Leading Full 1 Year Warranty
  • Fully Re-Manufactured
  • Emergency Stop Button


The sophisticated Cryotome SME (Special Motorized Electronic) cryostat combines automated electronic advance and hands-free motorized sectioning with fully independent specimen temperature control. Cryostat features an orienting head with specimen holder temperature control that allows for enhanced sectioning of a variety of tissue types. The start and finish of the cutting stroke and speed of the stroke action are programmable. Cryostat also features specimen retraction, a 25,000µm advance, a guarded foot switch, and emergency stop button. Controls and cryochamber window lock to prevent unauthorized access. Stainless steel cryochamber features automatic programmable defrost and formalin fumigation, a cryobar with quick freeze to -60°C (-76°F), and a heat sink block. Temperature control maintains cryochamber between -30 to 0°C (-22 to 32°F). Microtome is located outside the cryochamber for faster temperature adjustment and ease of decontamination and cleaning.

 (33ins w) (29.5ins d) (41.5 ins  h)

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