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Thermo Shandon PathCentre

System consists of Thermo Shandon Pathcentre Enclosed Tissue Processor, Box Spanner, T Handle.


Dimensions (H x W x D): : 52″ x 22″ x 25″ (132 x 56 x 33cm)

Weight: : 353 lbs. (160Kg)

  • Industry leading Full 1 Year Warranty!
  • Remanufactured


System consists of:
Thermo Shandon Pathcentre Enclosed Tissue Processor.
Box Spanner, T Handle.
(12) Fluid Reagent Bottles.
(3) Large block basket.
(8) Random load basket.
(4) Airbags.
(2) Cables.
Spare Gasket.
Standard power cord.


Configuration and Setup:
Cassettes: 306 in Organised load.
Wax Chambers: 4 at 4.3 (litre) each
Fluid Reagent Bottles: (12) at 4.3 (litre) each
Spillage Container: (1) at 4.3 (litre)
Temperature (operation) +5C to + 35C, Temperature (transit/storage) -25C to + 55C (+70C for short exposure)

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Thermo Shandon PathCentre

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